Premium Grade Vanuatu Kava

From the World’s Largest Kava Exporter

About Our kava

We work directly with farmers from across Vanuatu including the islands of Epi, Santo, Pentecost, and Malekula, to bring you noble varieties such as Melo Melo, Borogu, Borongoru, and more! We’ve been working with the same generational kava farmers for over 25 years and have established relationships with sustainable and ethical kava farmers. We distribute over 40,000kgs of Vanuatu kava world wide annually and have recently partnered with distributors world wide to bring you farm fresh, noble variety Kava that meets current USDA, FDA, and Codex standards.

Quality Assurance

Our kava is hand chosen by our exert quality control team, thoroughly cleaned with pressurized filtered water, dried in our indoor drying facility and then sterilized before shipment. The kava is tested by our internal quality control team in house, as well as at bio-security before export, ensuring that you get the highest quality Noble Kava root Available.. Our distributors also re-test the kava upon entry to create a certificate of analysis detailing out the quality of our kava batch by batch.

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